Summer Lesson Ideas

Yay for summer! Summer lessons are a great time to try something new. I know I like a change from the normal lesson and I’m sure my students enjoy it too.
A lot of teachers offer awesome group lessons and camps in summer, but I usually stick to individual lessons (sometimes partner lessons) for a myriad of reasons. Here are a few things I’m doing this summer with my students:
Young Students
Teach Piano Today has a wealth of great material to be used throughout the year, not just in summer. Here are a few things I’m using:
Summertime Composing (I’m also using this with older students as well)
Elementary and Later Elementary Students
Composer Lapbook on Beethoven from Joy Morin at Color in My Piano – the students who are working on this project will also play pieces by Beethoven at their level
Group Projects
The Magical Forest by Nancy Lau – the students working on this project are learning their pieces individually, then we will have one group project day to practice the suite, draw posters and have fun together. We are going to present the suite to the students’ parents and have a pool party to celebrate!
Over the Rainbow – I have two siblings working together on this – one will play the piano, one will play the ukelele
Several students are starting to work on their parts for our annual Multiple Piano Festival.
I’m expecting these projects will be lots of fun and yet provide for some good learning experiences too!

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