Favorite Beautiful Modern Piano Music for Teens

I’m always on the lookout for solid supplemental material to engage my teenage students. Whether it’s pop music, sound tracks or modern piano music, I want teens to be able to play music they connect with and want to play for others. Today I’m going to highlight some of our favorite beautiful and lyrical modern piano pieces for teenage students.

Sheet Music:

River Flows in You by Yiruma – this piece has enjoyed huge popularity lately, for good reason. This arrangement is very pianistic and fairly easy to learn.

100 Years by Five for Fighting – recognizable and lovely tune

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri -beautiful melody used in the Twilight movie series

Music Box DancerĀ by Frank Mills – a older piece with a sweet, music-box melody

Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar -throwing it back old school style. This piece is featured in the Ken Burns documentary “The Civil War”. The melody is hauntingly beautiful and is terrific for teaching phrasing.

Hallelujah Cohen/Keveren – most teens recognize this tune and love to play this arrangement. Philip Keveren for the win.

Stars and Wind by Catherine Rollin – a newer addition to our studio. Very beautiful, pattern-based melody.

Over the Rainbow by Iz – the arrangement linked here on Noviscore features three different levels.



The Kingdom Series by Emily Elizabeth Black – music for the books of the same name. We especially like “The Dawn” and “Call to Courage”.

Dark Night of the Soul by Philip Wesley – new age style music. The book is available as a downloadable PDF file. Our favorites from the book are the title piece “Dark Night of the Soul” and “The Approaching Night”.

Favorite Solos Book 3 by Robert Vandall – contains some beautiful, lyrical pieces, most notably “Lydian Nocturne”, “Consolation” and “Dream Catcher”.


I feel strongly that all of my students should have at least one piece in their repertoire at all times that they can sit down and play for their own enjoyment. I frequently ask my students “What piece do you play for your own enjoyment?” Some of these pieces listed here have ended up on my students’ playlists.



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