New Studio Resources Part 2

This fall I have had a lot of luck in finding great new resources to use in teaching. It’s been so invigorating to incorporate new ideas and materials. This post is part two and deals more with repertoire, organization, and finds around the web. You can read part one of this post here, which deals primarily with celebrating successes, marketing and a terrific hands-on manipulative.



Wunderkeys is a piano program designed for one-on-one lessons with preschoolers. This is another great offering by Andrea and Trevor Dow at Teach Piano Today. In my studio I have started teaching children as young as four years of age and have bemoaned the fact that there aren’t many choices in piano teaching materials for younger children taking individual lessons. Wunderkeys is a great addition to the field in that it teaches math concepts right along with musical concepts. I wish I had this great resource years ago! You can buy the books on amazon (super convenient). The website (linked above) includes tons of free printables for games to practice note reading, sight reading, etc. My younger students are especially loving the games!


Piano Pronto Keyboard Kickoff and Power Pages20170927_101747

The Keyboard Kickoff books from Piano Pronto are helpful when needing to review notes with younger beginners or teaching note-reading quickly to older beginners. The book moves students quickly through basic note-reading and rhythm skills. You can buy the digital download (which is what I did) or order the book to be sent through the mail.




A site for downloading piano (and other instruments) sheet music at multiple levels. The pieces are arranged pianistically and layed out beautifully. The website is very user-friendly, and they are constantly adding songs to the collection. I especially like the fact that you can purchase the arrangements at different skill levels. I just found this site, but I have a feeling I will be coming here often.


Tim Topham

Wow – so many great ideas. Looking forward to spending more time deep-diving into his blog. This is where I found out about Noviscore. I’m also very interested in his posts about pop music and group teaching.




I have been seeing Evernote everywhere lately – conversation, blogs, people using it during meetings. When something pops up in your life on a continual basis, you kind of feel like you should investigate a little. Then I read this blog at Piano Pantry. Amy clearly and effectively articulates how to use Evernote in the studio. Last week I thought I would give it a try and start organizing some student information on Evernote. While I am a lover of the hand-written, I have to say I am super excited about this system. I can already tell that my organization is much more clear and refined, and therefore my thinking has been more clear and refined as well. So far Evernote has helped me to organize repertoire more effectively, identify holes in a student’s repertoire or technical skills, collect and organize notes from various meetings and conferences, and clip ideas from around the web. I am excited to see where the possibilities will take me!


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