Happies, February 2017

There are just so many beautiful moments in teaching piano. Here are some of the happy moments that happened this month:

  1. Using the phrase “my favorite fingering for trills is…”
  2. Recording Maddie’s beautiful performance of her favorite piece and sending the video to her parents to enjoy
  3. Highlighting dynamics in a piece. Maria: “Wow! I never knew there were so many dynamics in this piece!”
  4. Falyn: “Thank you so much for letting me come to your house to learn to play the piano.”
  5. Ben: “A quarter rest is a ‘Z‘ with an identity crisis.”
  6. Madison: “I LOVE this ending!! It’s just so beautiful!”

Already in Progress


For the past month I have been working on the Three Novelettes by Francis Poulenc, which I love for its simple beauty. It is not a difficult piece – Jane Magrath categorizes the piece as Level 10 in The Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching. 

One of the most striking points my teacher made about the first novelette was that the performer should begin the piece as if it is already in progress, as if the melody already exists somewhere in time and space. He has made this point before with other pieces, and I think the thought is lovely. In my practicing I’ve noticed that if I can achieve this, it results in a more nuanced, gentle beginning.

Here is a recording of the piece played in concert by Yilin Sung: