Studio Binder Cover 2014-15

Music is the Language

Well, I am officially back to posting on the blog! There were many times throughout the summer that I thought about things that would be good to write about, but just couldn’t find the time to do it. I taught about fifty percent of my students throughout the summer – I let each family decide if they are able to work in summer lessons -and the rest of the summer was devoted to having as much fun as possible. πŸ™‚

And we had lots of fun! We were able to visit a lot of local attractions such as the zoo, amusement parks, water parks, etc. It was great to spend so much down time with the kiddos.

Now back to teaching, which is exciting as well. Aren’t we piano teachers lucky to be surrounded by beauty in our work? Or striving for beauty, at least. πŸ™‚

I wanted an artistic binder cover this year. I designed this with the help of PicMonkey photo editor. It was so easy! I will definitely be using this free program again in the future.

I was drawn to this quote because of the universality of music. I want my students to realize that you can go anywhere in the world and find common ground with people through music. You can create and share beauty with anyone around you – even those with whom you cannot communicate through speech. Β It really is a wonderful way to think. By the way, you can also find a job (almost) anywhere in the world that will pay for good, quality music instruction. Societies that value music and the arts will always be looking for good instructors.

So this year my studio will be thinking globally as well as locally. Our goal will be to create and share beautiful music wherever the opportunity arises.

Happy new year of piano teaching!