Wall of Wow Evaluation

At the beginning of the fall 2013 semester, I started a studio-wide incentive called the Wall of Wow. Basically it involved hanging up a little tag on the wall with the title of each completed piece and the student’s initials. Each student was given a tag to hang up at the completion of each piece throughout the fall and spring semesters (August – May). You can read more about this incentive here.

I have to say this little incentive worked wonders this year. The students were so excited to see the progress that was made each week on our wall. They loved seeing each other’s progress and how the wall was filling up with completed pieces. I love the sense of community this provided to our group of pianists.

At the last lesson of the semester, I had each student remove their tags from the wall and place them onto a piece of card stock, which was punched with holes to fit inside their three-ring binder. We counted up the pieces they completed and took a picture with their paper-filled with tags.

I’m not sure I will be repeating this incentive again next year because I like to try new things each year. But when I asked some of the students if they would like to fill out tags again next year, they all were enthusiastically positive in their responses. I think that’s a good sign. šŸ™‚ So I will definitely be doing something along these lines next year – to create community within the studio and have a visible, tangible representation of all that was accomplished throughout the year.

This is the Wall of Wow at the end of the spring semesterĀ in my home studio:

Piano 065

Piano 071



This is the Wall of Wow at the end of the year in the school where I provideĀ pianoĀ lessons:Piano 094Aren’t these kiddos cute? šŸ™‚ By the way, I ended up teaching approximately 1,465 pieces to 42 students throughout the year. My nerdy side is happy. šŸ™‚