Multiple Piano Festival


A few weeks back, my teacher association organized a multiple piano festival. It was their 28th annual festival, my first to be part of as a teacher (I had participated in a few back in high school in Minnesota). 

It was wonderful! I started small, only asking a few students if they wanted to participate this year. I also included my daughter so I could get the parent’s perspective as well. The pieces were decided upon in May, so that gave us the entire summer to put partners together and work on the duets. 

The auditions were the first Saturday in November. My students were all a bit nervous, but they all passed the audition with flying colors!

The next two weekends were rehearsals. We practiced in a piano store, the University of Colorado piano lab building, and a local high school.

The night of the concert was so magical. The auditorium held approximately 1,200 people and almost every seat was filled! The air was electric with excitement. One of the things I liked most about the concert was that students volunteered to announce the pieces. They were so articulate and polished, and most of them were quite funny as well!

It was such a special night. I look forward to the experience again next year, and many more years to come.

These are the teachers who had students performing in the concert.Image

The auditorium is filling up!Image

Sweet students before the concert.Image

The stage was gorgeous!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

The teacher duet. It was so fun!ImageImage

My students and I after the concert.Image


Christmas Present for Students



This is the Christmas present I am handing out to students this year. I am super excited about it because it was so cheap and easy to make! Plus I think it looks really pretty. The strips of music are from old hymnbooks we had lying around. In each ornament I included at least one strip of paper that had lyrics from a Christmas hymn. This one has the text from “Silent Night”.

The students who have received them so far think they are pretty cool!


Studio Friends

I love it when kids bring in special stuffed animals or dolls to piano 1 (1) photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2

We always give them a place of honor and reference them throughout the lesson:

“How did you like that song?”

“Would you like to hear that wonderful section again?”

photo 3 (1) photo 3

As the student leaves the studio, I encourage them to keep their practice buddy with them throughout the week at the piano. “I think your doll would really like to hear you play the piece we started on today.”

Just a little way to keep lessons light and fun and show that I care about them as individuals.

Besides, seriously, how cute are these pictures!?! (I noticed all these pictures are of girls, but the boys do bring things in too…usually Lego creations or something of the kind).