Studio Tour

photo 3About three years ago, my family and I moved cross-country from Indiana to Colorado. With all the challenges before me of rebuilding my piano studio in a place where I knew very few people, I knew for sure that our new home would need to have a space suitable for a piano studio. Preferably a space that is private, near the front door, and with extra space for a waiting area.

As we all know, rarely does house-shopping go as easily or well-planned out as we hope. We only had one day to look at houses when we were visiting Colorado before our move. On our way to meet our realtor, my husband and I drove through a brand new subdivision, looked at a house on a nice corner lot, and decided this was the house for us.

Whew. We were relieved, except….the space for the studio wasn’t ideal. It did have a room right off the front door I could convert to a studio, but the house was too much of an open concept plan to provide the privacy I wanted (both for the studio and for the family who needed to live as usual in the rest of the house).

Thankfully, I have a husband who excels in thinking outside the box (and doesn’t mind spending two hours in IKEA working out a plan:) ). After finding ideas on Pinterest and internet sites specializing in room/house design, we made a trip to IKEA to buy ceiling tracks and curtains.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

The installation was easy. I did have to shorten the curtains, but that was a good excuse to use my much-neglected sewing machine. By the way, the piano is located in the opposite corner of the stairway.


The curtains have been a great solution. Not only do they block off the rest of the house, they muffle the sound of what’s happening on either side of the curtain, and they look professional.

They also happen to be a nice little conversation starter when we have friends into the house for a visit. 🙂