Super Secret Piano Password


I loved this idea that Teach Piano Today (which is a wonderful blog, full of very useful ideas) put out a few weeks back, so I decided to put the Ice Piano Studio spin on it and have a little fun at our first lesson back after break.


I handed out a 3 x 5 card to each piano student, which was folded and tied with yarn to show that it is “Super Secret”. On the inside was written allegro – fast and lively. I included the definition because what use is knowing a term without the definition? I wanted the exercise to be useful -something the student could add to their arsenal of piano knowledge.

When each student returned the following week, they were required to tell me the password along with the definition to be allowed entrance into the studio. Very few students couldn’t remember the password, I’m glad to report. We then wrote down another password (andante – walking speed) to be said at the following week’s lesson.

I plan on adding a new password each week for six weeks. This has been a fun and meaningful way to learn those terms, as we utilize the terms throughout the lesson by finding pieces that fit the description of allegro, andante, etc.



Back to the Studio

Music Tree

Today as I ended a piano lesson, my little eight-year-old student said to me on the way out “Thank you for teaching me those new songs. They seem like they will be really fun and exciting.”

Melt my heart.

Also a good reminder that new music can be very motivating.